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What Is An Asian Handicap Bet? Asian Handicap Betting Type Explained

Such opportunities should not be ignored, because the odds on them are sometimes simply knocked down, even when the winnings on the main outcome are quite small. To learn how other bet types work, check out my post Popular Football Betting Markets Explained. The added complexity of the markets means there’s less participants, and therefore more exploitable value, than in popular markets (e.g, 1×2). Various statistics and other elements help bettors to predict, with more certainty, that a price is wrongly assigned to a handicap. My advice, as always, is to focus on what market you believe offers value as opposed to making selections based what you believe will actually happen.

Second possible result of the handicap is John Isner has lost the match but declared as the winner of the bet when the handicap is applied. There are different possibilities on the result of a handicap betting. There are two types of handicap betting, the positive and negative handicap. In this case, total means limiting, that is, the number of goals scored differently from a given indicator.

This is exactly the same as the Draw No Bet option which bookmakers also offer. Your team needs to win by 2 goals or more in order to win this bet. If the home team wins with one goal margin, you will get your stake back. If the game ends in a draw or your team lose the game, you will lose your stake. If the home team wins or the game ends in a draw you will win your bet in full.

You may have noticed, for instance, that betting on a favourite at -0.50 is exactly the same as backing them to win on the 1×2. Similarly, backing a team with +0.50 is the same as Double Chance . Another similarity is the Asian Handicap line of 0, which is the same as Draw No Bet. This may sound like small margins, but £100 bet on the former rather than the latter would result in an extra £5 profit.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and learn how to calculate bet returns and profit for each Asian Handicap variety. We’ve developed an easy to read Asian Handicap chart to help you in a matter of seconds work out if your Asian Handicap bet has been a winner. In this example, Manchester City have been given a goals handicap of -1.5, while their opponents Sunderland have been given a handicap of +1.5 goals. All odds are accurate at time of publishing and are subject to change.

That means you can have a result at the end win , half win or loss . It is all the same with Asian goal line under 2.25, Asian goal line under 3.25, etc. This option is the same as the traditional over 1.5 goals. In this option the Asian line is a little bit more difficult because your bet is on two columns – the first is on over 1.0 goal, the second is on over 1.5 goals. That means you can have a result at the end lose , half lose or win . It is all the same with Asian goal line over 2.25, Asian Goal Line over 3.25, etc.